How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Vacation Rental Home?

Choosing the right dining table feels like a daunting task, especially because it is one of the vital pieces of the dining area. In a vacation rental home, it is necessary to offer an inviting meals area. Eating is a multi-sensory endeavor. For your Airbnb or vacation rental home guests, a nice ambiance in the dining area certainly contributes to a great guest experience.

Here is an easy guide for you on how to choose the right dining table:

What shape?

The shape of the dining table is the first to add to the character of the room.


Round dining tables easily soften the characteristics of a dining area that has a lot of sharp corners. Round-sized ones are versatile as you can easily lessen or increase the number of chairs and still be able to create a symmetrical look.


An oval dining table has similar aesthetic properties as a round table, only that it is bigger.


If the dining area needs a touch of symmetry, a square shape is probably the most suitable.


For large dining spaces, a rectangle shape is the most appropriate. They come in various widths and lengths. Consider how long and how narrow the area is before deciding on which size to take.

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What size?

The amount of space available will dictate how big or how small the dining table should be.

Bigger spaces, especially with high ceilings, must be filled in with large dining furniture. This is to emphasize the grandness of the area.

Smaller dining areas must be treated delicately. You must select the appropriate dining table size such that there is enough space to eat on and, at the same time, there is enough floor space to still navigate the area.

The dining table size must also be able to accommodate the number of guests who will stay in the vacation rental home.

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What material?

Wood is a classic dining table material. Depending on the shape, it can be modern or traditional. This material always exudes warmth to any space.

Glass dining table top feels modern and contemporary. They usually come with metal legs. A lot of them are very inventive due to the high customization possibilities when fabricating glass and metal.

The glass material is very easy to clean and it is actually the best choice if no fuss maintenance is a priority.

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What color?

The color scheme of your dining area must be taken into account before committing to the right dining table.

As with a lot of interior designs, the color scheme is decided at the beginning, after carefully inspecting the space, sometimes at different times of the day. However, as you go through the decorating process, some things may change.

It is best to stick with the color that will not drastically move away from the overall look that you are trying to achieve. A neutral-colored dining table is the most ideal because accents can always be placed using accessories.

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What is your budget?

Most of the time, the best quality, and durable dining tables come at a very high price. If you are buying for your own home, this might be worth your money as you will be using it every day. However, if you are buying for a vacation rental property, that is a different story.

It is good to purchase a dining table that is still within a controlled budget. Even though it’s easy to think that it’s a big item and you must spend a fortune for a good quality one, other items in the dining area, such as dining chairs and dining utensils, can easily add up to the costs.

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In conclusion, the right dining table for a vacation rental home must be of the correct shape and size to complement the space available, must have a colour according to the colour scheme of the interiors, and most importantly, it must be under a budget such that a profitable short-term rental accommodation business is achieved in less time.

How did you choose the dining table for your vacation rental home? Let me know in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Vacation Rental Home?

  1. Hi, lovely page, I love the photos, loads of inspiration, also I enjoyed your overview of different shapes and how they work, I hadn’t thought about that specifically before, looking forward to your next posts.
    J x

    1. Hi J,
      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 The devil is always in the details. If you really want something to look nice, you’ll pay attention to small things when buying big items.

  2. Hi Zoey,

    Enjoyed the post. I too am into design and doing it the proper way. Great information to think about that some shoppers wouldn’t when making large item purchases. thanks!

    1. I really appreciate you saying that, Felicia. I’m glad you think that my post contained just the right information to help people. Thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  3. Hi Zoey! You have covered everything. For someone who is clueless about interior design (me :)), this site is a great reference! Enjoy your work! Ivan

  4. Hi Zoey,
    A great post I must say. I have never really considered a lot of the things you say in this post.
    It has got me looking and thinking about the tables in not only my own house, but houses of friends also.
    The shape of the table is an important aspect I can now see.
    I know from now that anywhere I go and stay I will be checking out the tables in the dining room to see if they have it right.
    Thanks for this post.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you for your comment, Michael. 🙂
      People have different tastes and choices when it comes to furnishing their own home. I think not everyone is as critical but there is nothing wrong with that as long as they are happy with their home interior.

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