How to Choose the Right Bedroom Wardrobe Furniture?

A decent wardrobe is a must in every Airbnb or vacation rental house. A good bedroom wardrobe furniture is one that has enough storage space for the number of people occupying the accommodation.

Here are some points to think about when planning which bedroom wardrobe to incorporate in your Airbnb rental property.

How much space is available for the bedroom wardrobe?

Firstly, measure the floor space and the ceiling height where you intend to place the wardrobe. If you are not buying a flat pack, make sure there is enough allowance as well for a fully built wardrobe to go through the hallways and the bedroom door when you are moving it in.

Armoire Two-Door Wardrobe Storage Cabinet
Armoire Two-Door Wardrobe Storage Cabinet

What is the design style of the bedroom?

Using the design style of the bedroom is the best guide to determining what bedroom wardrobe is the most appropriate.

Details such as material, finish, and color are pretty much dictated by the style you are aiming for. You cannot necessarily put an old antique wardrobe in an ultra-modern house unless you have considered all the other details that will go with it.

Whitmor Slat Wood Open Wardrobe
Whitmor Slat Wood Open Wardrobe

What is the color scheme?

Creating harmony is always the key. Getting creative and bold with colors is acceptable as long as you include details to put all the elements together.

For bedrooms with white walls, you can choose a white bedroom wardrobe furniture with a similar tone to show continuity as wardrobes tend to be positioned right on the walls.

If you have various colors involved, choose at least two that you want to stand out and be the stars and then assign one or both of those colors to the bedroom wardrobe.

Prepac Home Elite Tall 2-Door Corner Storage Cabinet
Prepac Home Elite Tall 2-Door Corner Storage Cabinet

What type of wardrobe?

Unless your Airbnb bedroom comes with a built-in wardrobe, it is good to know what kind or type of wardrobe you might want to purchase beforehand. It makes the searching easier once you have actually narrowed down the list.

Two-door wardrobe

Wardrobes can have several doors, but common ones that you buy flat pack only have two doors. They look neat and symmetrical outside, but not necessarily on the inside.

Open wardrobe

An open wardrobe does not have doors. It usually only comprises a hanging rack, a few shelves, and sometimes some drawers. Using an open wardrobe emphasizes that the accommodation is only designed for short-term stays.

Corner wardrobe

From the name itself, a corner wardrobe is something that you can fit one corner of the room. It is unconventional is shape, but will definitely be able to provide ample amount of storage with limited floor space being covered.

Mirror wardrobe

Getting a wardrobe with a mirror hits two birds with one stone. A mirror is something that everyone looks at every day. If your wardrobe has an attached mirror outside, you would need to buy a stand-alone mirror.

Hives and Honey Chelsea Jewelry Armoire Mirrored Wardrobe
Hives and Honey Chelsea Jewelry Armoire Mirrored Wardrobe

Which kind of bedroom wardrobe furniture suits the current space you are filling in?

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