How to Choose the Right Bedroom Chest of Drawers or Dresser for Your Airbnb and Vacation Rental Guests

Does your Airbnb or vacation rental house have enough storage for your guests? A dresser or a chest of drawers are very handy for guests who want to unpack their suitcases and actually live in the accommodation for a few days or weeks.

Here are the things that you need to consider before getting a bedroom chest of drawers or dresser:

How many people will use it?

Dressers and chest of drawers are usually provided in the bedroom or the sleeping space. There should be enough storage for every person staying in the room. For two people, either opt for a big chest of drawers with at least five drawers or get two small ones but still with ample space.

Baxton Studio Herve Mid-Century Modern White & Walnut Wood Five Drawer Storage Chest
Baxton Studio Herve Mid-Century Modern White & Walnut Wood Five Drawer Storage Chest

How much floor space do you have?

Is the bedroom actually big enough to accommodate another piece of furniture? Maybe a proper wardrobe with shelves inside is sufficient already. It is important to still keep the bedroom neat and easy to the eyes. Always remember that the bedroom must serve as a place where your guests will feel relaxed. Putting way too much furniture with little or just enough floor space to tiptoe around does not sound relaxing at all.

Sauder Craftsman Oak Dresser Chest of Drawers
Sauder Craftsman Oak Dresser Chest of Drawers

How about a chest of drawers that also serves as a bedside table?

If the bedroom is tight for space, it might be a good idea to get multi-purpose furniture instead. If you find small bedside chest of drawers with the height the same or slightly higher than the bed, it would make a perfect double up for a bedside table. You only need to position it right next to the bed and place a bedside table lamp on it and you’ve accomplished at providing two things with just one clever choice.

White Tall Three-Drawer Monterey Nightstand
White Tall Three-Drawer Monterey Nightstand

Do your guests even really need a chest of drawers?

Depending on the kind of traveling guest you aim for or usually get, perhaps you actually don’t need to supply a dresser for them. One good alternative that serves the same purpose is by providing a hanging fabric shelf storage in the wardrobe. Choose one with a width that can at least hold folded shirts nicely. It will be handy for holding smaller articles of clothing too.

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