How to Furnish My Airbnb or Short-Term Rental Accommodation?

These days, more and more travelers are interested and open to trying out different types of accommodations other than hotels. Due to the popularity of Airbnb, pretty much anyone with a furnished apartment or a furnished house can put it out there, and chances are they will get someone looking for furnished short-term rentals.

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You already have a property in a great location and you have always been interested to join the short-term rental accommodation or vacation rental accommodation business, and the only thing that is stopping you is not knowing exactly what you need to furnish it. Well, fret not anymore. Here is a basic guide on how to furnish an Airbnb or short-term rental accommodation. You will also find here checklists of all the bits and pieces that you need to come up with a thoughtfully furnished apartment or vacation house that your guests will truly appreciate.

Not all the spaces I enumerated here might be available in your apartment or house. So, take only what is applicable to you and keep in mind that this is your project and the creative freedom is all yours to express.

You will see three columns for each furnishing checklist for each space in a short-term rental accommodation. “The Essentials” column is for what you need to make the space actually functional. The “Touch Ups” columns list down things that you can use to make the space look nicer. The “More Space” list are the things that you can add to the mix if you have a bigger space to fill in.


For most travelers, the sole purpose of booking an accommodation is to have somewhere to sleep and rest at. Some people who have long layovers at airports even choose to go out and book a hotel to sleep for a few hours while waiting for their next flight. When people visit a place, a lot of them will usually spend their day roaming around the city or the neighborhood. They only go back to their accommodation when the day is over and it is time to rest. Therefore, a bedroom that will provide for a restful and peaceful night sleep is probably the best experience that you can give to your guests.

Below is the checklist and guide to putting together a nice and cosy bedroom for your guests.

The Essentials Touch Ups More Space


Bed Base/Bed Frame

Bedside Tables/Nightstand

Bedside Lamps

Chest of Drawers/Dresser









Small Nook with Table and Chair

Indoor Plant



The most scrutinized room in a vacation rental accommodation is probably the bathroom. The guests are very particular with cleanliness in this area. But apart from that, it is also an place where some people choose to relax, whether through a nice hot bath or a refreshing shower. It is important to marry both cleanliness and relaxation to make the best bathroom interior for your guests.

Shown here is the checklist for furnishing your bathroom.

The Essentials Touch Ups More Space

Bath Towels

Bath Mats

Hand Towels

Face Washers

Hand Soap Dispenser

Toothbrush Holder

Hair Dryer

Dirty Clothes Hamper

Rubbish Bin


Small plate

Indoor Plant


dining room

Eating is such a delightful experience that it definitely deserves a special area in any dwelling dedicated to it. No matter what the size or shape, the dining room must be comfortable and inviting for the guests to actually sit down and enjoy their food.

See the checklist below for what you need in order to set up a delectable dining room for your guests.

The Essentials Touch Ups More Space

Dining Table

Dining Chairs

Table Runner

Place Mats


Fruit Bowl





The kitchen will most likely be the busiest area if your guests are staying long and are keen on saving up some money by preparing some of their meal in their temporary home. It is therefore necessary to provide the basic kitchen utensils to make this as easy as possible for them. You want to avoid providing too much as it will hard for you to track what’s broken or what’s gone missing.

Written below is the checklist for furnishing your vacation rental accommodation kitchen to make it functional enough for your guests who love to cook.

The Essentials Touch Ups More Space





Coffee Maker





Pots and Pans

Spoons and Ladles

Chopping Board


Kitchen Towel/Tea Towel

Dish Drainer/Drying Mat

Rubbish Bin

Recyclable Bin

Breakfast Square


Bar Stools




living room

The living room can be interpreted as the communal area where everybody meets to have a chat or to watch a movie. The keyword here is communal. The living room must encourage guests to actually sit down and unwind in the company of others. Comfortable sofa and accessible tables to put a hot cup of coffee or tea are a must.

See below for the checklist for furnishing your living room exquisitely.

The Essentials Touch Ups More Space


Coffee Table

Entertainment Unit








Books or magazines


Indoor Plant

Multi-Purpose Stool



People traveling for business purposes are always prepared to work anywhere, may it be in a small cafe, or at the airport while waiting for their flight. Accommodation listings that have a dedicated workstation tend to be attractive for business and corporate people. It is simply because for some people, it is much more comfortable working on your laptop if you actually have space for it and you have an ergonomic chair to sit on.

Here is a checklist of what you need to whip up a business-ready workstation for your working guests.

The Essentials Touch Ups More Space

Slim Table

Comfortable Chair

Work Lamp

Book Holder


By Christy Bright [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

When you are traveling, it can be such a chore sometimes to just go to the laundromat and spend about an hour washing and drying your dirty clothes. This is time that could have been spent roaming around the city and discovering new adventures. This is why it is such a relief for some people whenever there are laundry facilities already included in their accommodation. The listings with these facilities tend to be also more attractive to long-term guests.

Please find below the things that you need to look for to create a handy laundry area for your guests.

The Essentials Touch Ups More Space

Washing Machine


Clothes Airer

Laundry Soap Plate

Washing Basket/Basin

I hope that these checklists will help you in creating beautiful spaces in your short-term rental accommodation.